Social Distancing During Your Birthday with Fun Ways to Celebrate

Hi Friends,

Like you, we recognize the feelings of anxiety and unsureness all around us as we take this day by day. We know you are at home spending new found time with your family and adjusting as best you can to the new normal. We are certainly missing making memories with our clients this weekend as we did the few before. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure how long the social distancing regulations will be in place, but we are determined to still have a good time.

We have been behind the scenes dealing with feelings of anxiousness, unsureness ourselves, as more parties are being postponed. In our line of work, we are faced with the difficulty of knowing so many kids are celebrating their birthdays without the bulk of their friends if any. This is also probably a bit of a confusing time for our littles and we want to keep them entertained and smiling, full of wonder and whimsy to help pass the time.

We want to help you plan and enjoy birthday parties at home for kids at any age.

Here are 6 ways to preserve the day no matter what’s going on in the world!

1. Request video messages from friends and family! Maybe even with a silly filter! Your child will smile the whole time and will probably ask to replay the messages. This can also be doubled with fun silly thank you messages back!

2. Set up a treasure map or scavenger hunt with clues around the house making for a super fun game. Reward your treasure hunters with a fun prize for collecting all of the items!

3. Host a family talent show! Some fun acts can include dancing, magic tricks, or baton twirling. Let every family join in on the fun and prepare an act of their own. Everyone’s a winner at this fun contest!

4. Take silly photos of your time in quarantine to remember the good times! Order a scrapbook online or create one together to preserve the memories for years to come. Even on the toughest days, look for the magic and snap a pic!

5. Color with friends! We’re sharing a free downloadable coloring page that you can share with everyone on your guest list. Tag us in a photo of your little one’s finished product!

6. Movie Night anyone? We’re always up for a night filled with popcorn and laughing! Let the Birthday Kid pick the movie and snacks for an extra treat for their big day.

How will you celebrate another year around the sun for your loved one? Send us your pictures of the at-home celebrations to share ideas for birthday parties at home with families around the world!

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