5 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Hippity-Hoppity Easter’s on its way!!

And it’s apparent that this holiday will look different this year. Different can still equal MEMORIES! Let’s get creative and make the most of this time at home.

Today, we are sharing some fun and simple ways to get your family feeling festive.

These ideas are fun, simple, and you probably have everything you need at home!

1. If you are missing dying Easter eggs...Dying Easter eggs was a tradition growing up, but with there being a shortage of eggs in some places and growing plant based and vegan diets in others you may find yourself wondering what you can do to fill the void. Dying Easter Marshmallows! An EGG FREE activity! You don’t even need the vinegar.

Here’s the deets:

-Cover your area with paper towels or something you wouldn’t mind if it got stained. Just in case. -Mix half a cup of water with 10-20 drops of food coloring.

-Dip your marshmallows in your dye mixture for a few seconds. If you have skewers they worked great! If not, a fork or even your fingers! Why not? You aren’t scared of a little dye are you?

-Let your marshmallows dry for 15 minutes or so, depending on how long they were left in the water.

-All Done!, Enjoy!

If you want to use the marshmallows for a hunt just simply place them in plastic wrap or baggies and everyone can eat the “Eggs” they find as a surprise!

2. Are you missing the cute stuffed bunnies this year? STAY IN AND STAY SAFE and make these instead! https://feelingnifty.com/easter-bunny-craft/

3. Easter Sunday Funday Brunch? Have some fun with Easter bunny pancakes! These animals are easy to make with pancake batter with their round face and two ears. Complete your cute bunny butt with chocolate chip feet and a whipped cream tail! Yummy!

4. Missing your family? Host a Virtual Easter Sunday Celebration! It is what our family has decided to do this year! You can set up a Virtual meeting with ZOOM [https://zoom.us/] or SKYPE [skype.com]

Missing your church family? See if your church is offering a virtual worship or If your home church isn’t, there are hundreds of others that will be broadcasting this Sunday. Find a service that’s perfect for your family’s schedule and needs!

5. Finally, if you have time to spare, step up your Easter egg hunt game with a scavenger hunt! We’re sharing a fun, FREE, printable hunt below that you can print out and set up at home. This easy game keeps them active and occupied for hours while they explore the backyard and home for more clues!


Have any ideas of your own? Share some of your favorite at-home Easter traditions with us!

We are home alone too and would love to know if you try any of these fun activities with your family or friends and as always:

Tag #sleepoversandco in your pictures to be featured in our story!



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