5 Creative Ways To Wake Up Your Child On Their Birthday!

Every moment matters, even this one.

Your child is about to start another curious year around the sun and you want to make it more special than the last.

In honor of our mission of making your memories stress-free we want to share with you some fun and memorable ways to start the day of special with the opening of their eyes!

2020 seems to be the perfect reminder and opportunity to make as many special memories as possible!

1. Make a celebratory door sign! Share your love for them on the sign, for example, “Happy 10th birthday! Here are 10 reasons why we love you!” Do this for any age to let them know how much they mean to you!

2. Post your favorite “Birthday Number” pictures around the house. Create one picture for every year and write little notes on your favorite memory from your child at that age! The whole family will enjoy reminiscing on the memories!

3. Breakfast in bed! Nothing is a better wake up call than the smell of fresh pancakes or bacon. Surprise your little one by preparing their favorite breakfast for a treat to enjoy in bed. Bonus points for creating their initial or favorite animal with the pancake batter!

4. Leave a sweet note on their bathroom mirror to get them pumped up for their big day! This small gesture is perfect for shyer children that don’t like big gestures. Use this note to share how proud you are and the things you love most about them.

5. Fill their room with balloons! While the birthday girl/boy is sleeping, fill their room with blown-up balloons. They will be so surprised when they open their eyes! Wake them with the sound of your voices singing the Happy Birthday song and record their reaction for memories to smile about later!

*What fun ways to wake up your child on their birthday are you going to do on their special day?

*Share some of your personal favorite fun ways to wake up your child on their birthday with us below!

*If you try one of the above, share it with us and tag #sleepoversandco so we can share it with all our friends and followers!

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