This Little Light of Mine

Today is the day after yesterday which is when I had planned on posting to my blog.

At Sleepovers & Co. I write blogs about planning parties, friendship and business. Today (yesterday) I realized there are still too many who are unaware of the company and in return don't know how big the vision is.

Sleepovers & Co. is the second business I started. It is designed as a sleepover event planning company who specializes in turning a timeless tradition into a magical experience. We believe everyone should enjoy the party. Especially the one who had the idea in the first place. We come into your home or venue and style a sleepover theme come true. It is designed to be a stress free experience as we will come back the next day and pack it all up leaving you with only your memories.

We offer numerous add-ons to really bring home the magic. You can customize your party to impress any guest.

Friends have always been like family to me and I believe they are essential to my happiness. Sleepovers will forever be my favorite childhood memory and here we are putting them together.

Using our handmade tents, luxury linens and style decor, we create an environment where friendships can be made that will last a lifetime. As we continue to bring the smiles to the faces we hope to increase our platform potential. I want to bring people together and give them all reasons to smile.

I, Mandi Woodard commit to making positive change in this world. I believe all change starts in the home and that's why we are bringing the party to you.

What commitment are you making to this world? How will you leave it better than you found it?



Serving Atlanta and surrounding areas. 

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