Your Simple Shopping List to an Easter Extravaganza!

A quarter of the way through the year and another reason to celebrate! Just in case you are planning on having some of your kids friends over for a sleepover or even just an afternoon at the house I put together a list of some of my favorite things I found on Pinterest to not only entertain, but basically have your guests do most of the work yet ALL of the FUN! (you can follow me here for endless party tips, tricks and inspirations.)


- Hard head band packs - Shaving cream

- Eggs - Plastic straws

- Cookie Sheet - Plastic easter eggs

- Fluffy pipe cleaners - Latex gloves

- Rice Krispies - Hard-boiled eggs

- Butter and non-stick spray - Easter themed cookie cutters

- Wilton gel food coloring - Fruit easily cut into large slices

- Marshmallows

SET THE STAGE: Start with these adorable DIY bunny ear head bands! They honestly could not be any simpler to make and I'm pretty sure I will be making one for myself!

DESSERT FIRST: Now your guests have worked up their appetite they will be more than ready to check out what their is to eat! I Found these not just vegan, not just gluten free, but PASTEL colored Rice krispie Easter eggs! These made me really excited because who doesn't love rice krispie treats? I tested these out with two sisters I babysit and they loved forming the shapes and seeing the different colors! They loved having a sweet treat too and definitely deserve it.

KEEP IT FRESH: It's all fun and game until someone gets a belly ache! I recommend pairing a fresh snack with your sweets at any party. Pick up some watermelon slices or fruit of choice from your local grocery store and some Easter themed cookie cutters. While everyone is waiting for the rice krispie eggs to set let everyone cut out their bunnies, baby chicks and eggs. They will throw the bite sized snacks into their mouth without a thought! Simple, fun and nutritious!

LET'S HAVE SOME FUN: Now, this could get a little messy, but just throw some $1 table cloths from dollar tree down and have some fun! If it is pretty enough take everyone outside for some fresh air!

The newest trend in Easter Egg dying is getting a marble effect using shaving cream and food coloring! Click on the link to see a How-to Video! The eggs come out with a beautiful artistic look! Try it out with your kids and leave your experiences in the comments. You can always brag on your kids here!

TIME TO SETTLE: No sleepover is complete without a movie. After everyone has had their snacks and taken all their selfies with their cute bunny ears and marble eggs I suggest gathering around and watching a favorite movie. You can pick a move of your own or continue with our Easter theme and check out this super funny movie about the bunny Hop!

That's all folks!

haha. Get it?


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