Sleepovers are a perfect opportunity to encourage and teach kids how to be a friend.  Sleepover activities can range from simply watching a movie to making one. Here are 6 simple and easy ways you can help your kids not only have a healthy self-esteem, but also make friends to last them a lifetime!

1. This or That. This game poses a question and each player has to pick one answer or the other based off their preferences! A game where everyone can be their self and get to know each other without pressure. Learn more about the game and more ways to play here -This or That. You can use some of the many questions provided or come up with your own!! 

2. Skit-Tell Us. Maybe a round, or two of Skit-Tell Us! Each skittle color represents a category and each person takes turns telling everyone something about their self based off the color of the skittle they get!

- Red        Something you haven't done and want to do

- Orange  Something you are grateful for 

- Yellow   Something you like to do on Summer break

- Green   A time when you felt Happy

- Purple  A memory you have with someone else playing the game

3. Compliment Cards. Have each person write a compliment on a piece of paper about everyone at the party. Take turns reading the cards and guessing who it's about! This is a great way to make everyone feel good about their self! People tend to be better friends with people who make them feel good. 

4. The Trust Walk. Split up into teams of two and take turns wearing the blindfold. Create an obstacle course and lead one another through the course.

5. The Five Favorites. Pick any category and take turns listing your five favorites in each category. This increases everyone's chance of learning what each kid has in common with one another. 

6. Balloon Wishes. Have each person write a wish for each other on a balloon. Read them outloud and release them together! This allows each child to not only look forward to their future, but see their friends are rooting for them!

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