10 Fun Things From the Past to Share During Quarantine

There’s never been a better time to share things from your childhood with your own children! These extra hours at home are perfect for bonding and letting them learn more about the things you loved when you were their age!

We’ve included family-friendly activities from the decades past so you can step back in time during this quarantine. Stay safe and stay home by checking out all of the fun ideas on this list!

1. Make a time capsule! This social isolation period is something we will likely only experience once and it will be an interesting time to revisit in the future. Let everyone gather the things they’d like to include! For an extra special addition, film a video with your family about your experience so far and save it to a thumb drive to include inside! Interesting things to add could be a printed news article, a vision board cut from magazines, a book that means a lot to you, or even a shirt from an event that was significant.

2. Introduce your family to the art of paper folding by spending the day making origami fortune tellers! Fortune tellers, also know as Cootie Catchers, are a fun origami game that’s simple to create and brings continuous fun to kids of all ages! Make them fun with fortunes or put an educational twist on it by adding trivia on the inside. Check out this quick and easy-to-follow YouTube video showing you the way to make an origami fortune teller.


3. Grab a Disney+ Free Trial and share some of your favorite Disney movies. This streaming service lets you experience everything Disney has to offer, so you can share classic films and shows with your kids at every age! If you want to continue after your trial, the service costs around $6.99 to start.

4. Since we’re moving to online learning for schools, let School House Rock bring your family’s newest teacher! These fun, educational short films will make learning fun for everyone as you tackle grammar, science, economics, math, history, and more! If you have a cable log in, it’s free to access School House Rock on ABC.com!

5. Go back in time and bring back some of Grandma’s recipes that you made when you were little. Go through your family’s tried and trued recipes to bake banana bread, a french loaf, or chocolate chip muffins that no one can resist. Not really a baker? There’s never been a better time to practice! You’ve got this!

6. Have a Throwback Movie Marathon where the parents get to pick the movies and kids get to pick the snacks! Choose fun favorites that are sure to be a hit with everyone. Our watchlist would include Mrs. Doubtfire, E.T. and Bil & Ted’s Excellent Adventure! Don’t forget the popcorn!

7. Combine the past with technology by having your children Facetime or Skype their grandparents! We have so much to learn from our elders. Let them hear the life story of someone who has lived through several decades. Make the phone call fun by playing videos as the decades change to add a visual to the story.


. Plan an 80’s Dance Party for one weekend night! Costumes are encouraged, so go crazy with the neon and side ponytails - and don’t forget your bangles! Create the perfect playlist with Madonna, Queen, and Rick Springfield as you boogie the night away. ‘

9. Nothing says throwback like Tie Dye! Hopefully you already have white shirts at home you’re willing sacrifice for the sake of fun, Try to snag a kit online, but if you’re unable here’s a great DIY recipe for creating the colorful dye yourself at home!


10. Print out a fun coloring page featuring your favorite childhood characters! This activity is easy and a great way to make learning more about you fun! Print our several and pull them out whenever there is a dull moment. Here’s a fun download of one of our favorites - The Muppets! Check out the source for more fun printable pages!


We hope you’re able to make the most of your time together during the quarantine. Your safety is the most important to us, so take this opportunity to stay inside if you can and make the time as magical for your little ones as possible. Let us know below how you’re spending your time during social isolation!



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